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Last week, gCaptain, http://gcaptain.com/, published a link to an article on Deep Sea News related to the practice of greenwashing, or making unsubstantiated claims about sustainability. From the article: Hidden Trade Off, in which companies highlight one eco-friendly attribute, and ignore their product’s other (potentially more significant) environmental concerns. “Okay, this product comes from a sustainably harvested forest, but what are the impacts of its milling and transportation?” No Proof, which, just like it sounds, involves claims that can’t be verified (the report found 26% of environmental claims fall into this category). Vagueness in terms such as “chemical-free,” or “non-toxic,” which are both universally true, and universally false depending on your interpretation. Other examples “organic?”, “all-natural”, “environmentally-friendly”, and “earth-frien... (more)

Subsidize Me!

With all of the green claims in the marketplace, confusion regarding effectiveness at emissions reduction and compliance is the new norm. Ship owners are caught in a bit of a quandary: Should money be invested now to control emissions, or, should they wait. Many regulations are already in place, with more on the way. Each new rule results in additional expenses, and they cannot be avoided, so what is a ship owner to do? The regulations are coming from different angles, too. The current scrambling over this summer’s ballast water treatment regulations springs to mind. It has im... (more)

Dealer Profile: SCAN Marine

SCAN Marine represents France Helices in the Philippines. With locations around the country, SCAN Marine can provide France Helices’ customers the level of service they have come to expect and demand. Visit the SCAN Marine web site for more information about this outstanding company and the services and products they provide: http://www.scanmarine.com.ph. Scan Marine Inc. (SMI) is a well-established corporation existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with business and postal address at 160 Honorio Lopez Boulevard, Balut, Tondo, and Manila, P... (more)

Stepped Hulls

If you hang around naval architects, attend boat shows, or look on various design forums on the Net, you will often see quite the debate about stepped hulls and their relation to speed. Though somewhat “trendy” in boat design currently, stepped hulls have been around since World War II, and they are intended to aerate the hull; introducing a thin layer of air between the hull and the water surface, thus reducing friction and drag, hence, increasing speed. Indeed, a stepped hull design can somewhat drastically increase a vessel’s top speed, when properly designed. It can combine ... (more)

A Rational Approach to Engine and Propeller Matching for High Speed Boats

The following paper was prepared by our President, Mr. Paul Bezzi, several years ago. We hope you find it interesting and useful.   Introduction.   I am writing this paper with the aim to help those deciding on which propulsion system to select for their particular application. The majority of yachts and fast boats are targeting speeds in excess of 30 knots. For that purpose, engine manufacturers, boat-yards, and propulsion manufacturers are increasing power, behaviour at sea, and efficiency. Very shortly, problems appear due to the lack of know how; the true reason of failure... (more)